Friday, 11 December 2009

Toilet Humour

The latest Dragon's Eye programme both amused and disappointed (I'll blog about the disappointing bit later).

The amusing bit was the end segment in which four 'party animals' gave their perspectives on a year in politics in Wales.

Owain Jones, (the Labour animal) summed up the mood of the nation in relation to Oscar's defection when he went on to use, in his own words a 'Rhodri Morgan style metaphor', of a guy wandering into the ladies' toilets and wondering where the urinals are. Plus (a) Rolling around in tears of laughter (b) Absolutely ridiculous and (c) The joke story of the year.

Of course the only non-funny bit is in relation to the complete disregard he has shown to his staff, his former party and of course the voting public.

Anyway, I think five blog posts on Cynulliad Cymru's Chameleon is more than enough - time to flush this particular stool and exit the cubicle! Don't forget to wash your hands (of him).

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