Thursday, 10 December 2009

The Dead Parrot Sketch (on Politics Cymru)

I felt like "a little parrot in a jungle" - Mohammad 'Oscar' Asghar.

Check out this gem of an interview on Politics Cymru with one of the three Dewis talking to the little parrot about his switch to the Tories, an act which quite frankly comes as no real surprise to many Muslim members within Plaid Cymru. He's very much a little parrot in a jungle when it comes to Welsh Muslims aswell and we were appalled, though not surprised, by the dishonourable manner in which he made his hasty exit.

Despite his overly optimistic assurances at the end of the interview about his political future beyond 2011, I believe Oscar is, politically, very much a 'dead parrot walking'. I've taken the trouble of transcribing the interview below to assist the viewer.

Regardless of which party the man represents this, or any other week, Wales deserves better.

Click on the link and then scroll down for the video: (Mohammad Asghar and a Dewi, Wednesday 9 December)


Dewi: Can you tell us a little bit about how it happened, the process of, you know, moving over?

Oscar: Well thing is it's my personal views uh about politics in Wales they are very close, very close mean uh very attractive to Conservative Party. That's my personal views, has always been and always will be. That's what it is.

Dewi: So it was purely, from your perspective, a policy-driven decision?

Oscar: Yes.

Dewi: Did you approach them or did they approach you?

Oscar: Well it's, we were friendly here and we discussed few things and thing grew from there on.

Dewi: Right, ok, so what was the main reason then that you left Plaid Cymru, was there a straw that broke the camel's back?

Oscar: Well I support David Cameron's views. I heard the gentleman, I hear everybody there on the television and the media and all the rest of it. As I said earlier their views are very close to my own views and I respect and I want to follow on the same track.

Dewi: So why join Plaid Cymru in the first place then if you had really similiar views to the Conservative Party all this time?

Oscar: Well the political party is a political party anywhere so, well the thing is, I thought I might be able to do some contribution to my local community, which I did. And since I'm in political one party I think the lot of Asian, ethnic minorities other people, are joining the political parties.

Dewi: Last question then. Do you feel a bit sort of bad that you announced your defection live to the cameras as it were, rather than to Ieuan Wyn Jones in person?

Oscar: No, I thought it's my prerogative and I declared it should be to the public rather than one individual. He's a gentleman. Ieuan Wyn Jones is a very good person and I respect him very much but it's my personal view as I said. I want Wales to be, to have it's own Parliament and play a stronger role in United Kingdom.

Dewi: Ok, and um so what's the future for you, what's next?

Oscar: I'm sure future for me and future for Conservative is a bright I can assure you.



  1. Also worth a look at the Golwg 360 website - it can also be accessed via Google Translate, a truly breathtaking interview from Oscar.

  2. A little parrot? I think 'a little cuckoo' is a more appropriate description (on several levels! - not least because many species of cuckoo are 'brood parasites' - laying their eggs in the nests of others.

  3. A Tory cuckoo in a Plaid nest...very apt.