Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Look who's coming to dinner

It can be quite challenging at times to have members of one's family holding political views anathema to one's own. I wonder then how well husband and wife would have fared as contestants on 'Mr & Mrs' if asked about their spouse's political views. Maybe it just makes for a quiet life, and prevents indigestion, if you keep your long held political beliefs to yourself rather than discuss them over the dinner table.

In one of her 2008 Plaid Cymru local election leaflets for the good residents of Victoria ward in Newport, Mrs Asghar said that she "always had the desire to be actively involved with a political party that genuinely cares about the needs of the people of Wales. I could never contemplate supporting a right wing party and so joining the Conservatives was never an option."

I wonder if Mrs Asghar learned about her husband's defection even later than Ieuan did? Oh to have been a fly on the wall at dinner time in the Asghar household last night. It must surely then have been a double blow to learn that daughter too has, oddly enough, decided to switch parties on the same day.

Maybe two of the three Asghars really did have a 'road to Damascus moment' but we should always be alert to those who select a political party only as a vehicle to further their own personal political ambitions. Herein lies the lesson for ALL political parties in Wales.


  1. If the title of your post is a reference to the 1967 Sidney Poitier film then it's 'Guess who's coming to dinner'.

  2. Ah yes, thanks for the correction BWD.

  3. Croeso. I think we share a wavelength about ensuring that those who are allowed to rise to prominence within a party are ideologically invested in that party. They should have asked him to sing the national anthem at the interview, as soon as 'God save our..' had passed his lips the game would have been up.

  4. Hmmm...the national anthem test. I recall other high-profile members of Oscar's new party in Wales having trouble forming the words to Hen Wlad fy Nhadau. But I don't think it's a foolproof method though somehow ;)