Tuesday, 11 August 2009

A Persecuted Religious Minority

No religious minority has a monopoly on persecution.


This month's obscene attack on defenceless Christians in Pakistan requires nothing less than swift justice to prevent the repetition of such barbarity. Failure to see the guilty punished for this crime will embolden other vicious thugs across the country that share the perpetrators' warped understanding of Islam and further erode the confidence of the Christian minority in the willingness of the authorities to defend them. Minorities of any kind in a society are always vulnerable and it is the duty of the State to ensure all its citizens have the right to live unmolested.

These 8 victims (nearly all women and children), racially, ethnically however you want to look at it, the same as their persecutors; their families no doubt existing in Pakistan since the country was founded and possibly before even the idea of 'Pakistan' came to be. The very same religious minorities represented by white portion of the flag of Pakistan.

Next week a charity dinner will be held in Cardiff to raise money for the Swat Valley refugees, amongst the ticket purchasing guests will be Welsh Christians. I hope while we remember the dispossessed of Swat that at least one of the speakers will use the occasion to condemn the inexcusable mob violence and re-assure our Christian guests that this 'Muslim' mob did not carry out this horrific attack because they were Muslims, but because they do not know how to be.

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