Monday, 17 August 2009

Beggars being choosers

Back from collecting the missus from Cardiff train station. What! He lets her out of the house, you say? Don't worry she's always within 600 feet of me. Marvellous things, ankle tags. The war on terror has not been without its handy little by-products.

Anyway, while she was waiting for me to arrive, two homeless fellows (a bit the worse for drink), were doing the rounds with the commuters, asking everyone for money. Everyone of course except Mrs Meccanopsis - well she wears a scarf you know. I suppose in some people's minds that is the equivalent of a T-shirt saying 'Approach me and I'll kill you'. It wasn't a racial thing though; they approached a Chinese couple apparently... once they had exhausted the other 20 bystanders. Their loss, because as a couple we always give to Big Issue sellers and though these people are not in the same category exactly, we don't have hearts of stone.

You really know that you are the personae non gratae of society when even the beggars won't ask you for money.


  1. I sympathise! However talking of Cardiff Train station. My late dad was a engine driver of nearly 40 years. Friend of mine from Denver was visiting my folks, she told me that whilst he was talking them to the station a bum asked him for a ciggie. Dad rolled his own. so the guy asked him if could roll it for him, which he did, then the bum asked if he could light it. Then dad dry as a bone asked if he wanted to smoke it for him! just a bit of lite.relief as for you missus im sorry to hear. Salam alikkum!

  2. Reminds me of my bampi, actually both grandfathers really. There's something about the wit of the WWII generation that I really like. Thanks for the sympathy Mike I'll pass it on to the missus, she wasn't really offended - in fact after this some people might take to wearing scarfs as a way of repelling aggressive begging (just keep in in your pocket and put it on quickly before you reach the taxi rank). I'll pass your message on though (or she might read it here herself) she'll appreciate it. Oh and where's my manners... wa alaikum as salaam.