Tuesday, 18 August 2009

MECCAnopsis: Under New Management?

I will be starting a new job in the next few weeks and it is one which will require me to be politically neutral. Given that this blog (although the content is not always related to Plaid) is clearly a Plaid Cymru supporting blog I am concerned that I may compromise myself unintentionally. Others before have come to a sticky end and I want to hopefully avoid their fate. I will continue to post until my start date, after which I will be handing the blogsite over to a close friend who can just as accurately be described as 'Cymro o Fwslim, Gwnaed yng Nghymru, Brodorol i Ewrop'. I have been lobbying him about this since I first became aware that new job and old blog might conflict and thankfully he has agreed to pick up where I leave off. Hopefully he will actually be able to post more frequently than I have done.

There is so much in the news I want to comment on but I simply don't have the time. I wanted to do a post on 'Bath time with Burkhas and Blackmail in the Bedroom' on a couple of topical pieces from France and Afghanistan but it looks like they are already old news. I suspect from September I will have even less time for blogging not simply due to work. Anyway, I and the new MC share enough in common (mor debyg a dwy bysen) for me to be comfortable that the site will be in safe hands.

I have enjoyed reading a diverse range of blogs over the last five months and I do not want to lose contact completely with the Welsh Blogosphere. I have considered starting up my own personal blog where I would have to assiduously avoid 'having a go' at other political parties but rather concentrate on the social and cultural life of Wales through 'Muslim-tinted' spectacles.

Anyway, I haven't gone yet, just warning that future posts may contradict earlier ones - and now you'll know why.


  1. it was good reading your blogs ... whilst it lasted. Good luck with the new job.

    Pob hwyl

  2. Thanks David. I'm relishing the new job actually and it's a shame to let this blog go. Perhaps this is overkill in the a*se covering department but I think it's the right thing to do. Geraint, who will be taking over from me has a very similiar sense of humour and outlook on life so I hope if you have enjoyed reading my posts you will continue to follow MECCAnopsis. The new MC is from West Wales though - but please don't hold it against him (as often as I do) :)

  3. Best of luck with the new job. Really enjoyed your blog posts and appreciated your contribution to Welsh Bloggers.

    Let me now when you start a new blog.

  4. Cheers Dave. I have been a regular visitor to cynical dragon and I actually experienced something not unlike withdrawal symptoms when you went quiet for about a week. I will continue to follow all the blogs I've linked to this site and once I get a new blog up you'll be the first to know. Hopefully a smooth transfer from this to the next one. Owain.