Monday, 27 April 2009

Labour: (doing what?) for Wales in Europe

So the (Welsh) Labour party conference is over in Swansea.

One particular 'incident' at the conference drew my mind back to the Cymdeithas Cledwyn report, on winning votes for the Labour Party in the 'Fro Gymraeg'.

Well one possible recommendation for the next report is, if you are going to use bi-lingual banners at your (Welsh) conference, and if you are going to make them so large and place them so prominently on the stage above Gordon Brown's head, it would help if you could spell the Welsh bits correctly in case anyone from the 'Bro' is actually in the audience or watching on their TV - just a thought.

Plaid Llafur: Enill dros Gymru yn Ewrop - ahem, yes.


  1. Labour: doing what for Wales in Europe?

    A lot more than Jill Evans!

  2. Not even with twice the number of MEPS, unfortunately :)