Thursday, 10 September 2009

MECCAnopsis Returns!

In true Dr Who (Dr Pwy?) style, MECCAnopsis has transmogrified into another human form! This new blogger is also a West Walian, having been raised in the glorious town of Carmarthen, but who now finds himself lost and bewildered on the mean streets of East London. Ever the extremist, I have moved from one extreme of the M4 to the other! Consequently, future blogs might well reflect the feelings and experiences of a Welsh Muslim abroad!

I was struggling to find something positive for my first blog until yesterday afternoon, when I became embroiled (as you do) in a Facebook conversation with a couple of people I barely knew!The initiator of this correspondence entitled her post "Hapus! Hapus! Hapus!" and her friend replied in the Welsh language. The first poster then wrote, "Roeddwn i'n astudio Cymraeg pan oeddwn i fynd i'r ysgol a Brifysgol hefyd! Ond dydw i ddim yn cael cyfle i siarad Cymraeg bob tro!" ("I was studying Welsh when I was in school and at University, too. But I don't get an opportunity to speak Welsh all the time."

Now, nothing particularly exceptional or unusual about this little chat, except for the fact the first poster is a member of Cardiff's Pakistani community and her friend from Cardiff's Gujerati community! And both comfortable and confident and proud enough to converse with each other in the language of their country - Welsh! Now what were the BNP saying about Muslims not wanting to be become part of our society??

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